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Steve Coogan

October 12th, 2008 tj No comments

I went to see Steve Coogan in Blackburn last night. And apart from the fact it was far too hot in the theatre, it was absolutely brilliant.

I won’t bore you with all the details, I’d be here forever, but he did little bits as different characters. Started off with Pauline Calf singing about Marriott Hotels and reading from her new book ‘She Shat Herself’ (about a woman who gets transported to the year 3,000,003 when men have turned into dogs). Then he did a bit as Tommy Saxondale (a nice surprise) doing a presentation about why drugs are mostly bad.  Then onto Duncan Thicket, then Paul Calf.  Then, after the intermission, the one and only Alan Partridge, giving a motivational talk.

It was while he was Alan Partridge that he made a fantastic come back at a heckler.  He had one glove on, demonstrating some technology he’d developed with IBM and Jimmy Nail, and he said “Now the reason I’ve only got one glove on is…” when someone shouted out “for wanking!”  And without missing a beat, and staying completely in character, he said “You hear that?” (it was silent in the theatre)  “That’s silence.”  Cue much laughter.  “A subtle way of saying you’re not funny.”  Superb.

Then it was Alan Partridge starring in a play he’d written and directed about the life of Sir Thomas More.

And then finally he took the piss out of himself and the way he’s portrayed in the media with a little song and dance routine to which the chorus started “Everybody’s a bit of a cunt sometimes”

Brilliant night.  And sorry if anyone is going later on in the tour and I’ve just spoilt it!

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