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Shitty Link

March 13th, 2010 tj Leave a comment Go to comments

Just to maintain a level of impartiality and balance to the blog, I’ll now also post about the troubles I’ve had with City Link today:

I was expecting another package to arrive today, this one shipped by City Link rather than Royal Mail.  I tracked the package this morning and was told that it was in their system and would be with me today.  Only, it’s not with me.  And the chances of it getting here between now and Monday must now be slim to none.

Attempting to track the parcel on their site now throws up an error.  Apparently they can’t find my reference number and I should phone them up.  Only, they close their lines at midday on Saturday and don’t open them again until Monday morning.

Their website happily claims that you can submit a form to them to complain.  Only, it doesn’t work and throws back a 500 Error, which they claim they are working on rectifying.

So it would seem that if you want anything delivered in this country you’re fucked.

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