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UK Fail: Part 3

Today I received a reply to my complaint from UK Mail.  Insulting does not begin to describe the short letter I received.  It was so short I’ll type it up in full here:

Thank you for your letter dated 17th June addressed to The Chief Executive.  This has been passed to me for investigation and response.

I am sorry for the delay encountered with the delivery of this parcel.  Unfortunately our delivery driver had very high volumes on the original delivery day 17th June and returned the parcel to the delivery depot.  This was then incorrectly declared by them as an attempted delivery.  The driver took your parcel out for delivery but then unable to locate your address on Friday 18th June.  We asked the senders for more details, which were passed on to the delivery depot, and your parcel was delivered to you on Saturday 19th June at 10:30.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this delay.

Suffice to say I’ve already drafted another reply which raises the following questions:

  • Why they’ve given YET ANOTHER excuse as to why the first delivery was missed
  • Why the driver carried on his lie that he had attempted delivery when he clearly hadn’t actually done so
  • Why the driver was unable to find my house when everyone else can
  • Why they are so poor at managing their resources that they give drivers high loads and not enough time to make the deliveries
  • Why they offer next day if they can’t manage their resources well enough to ensure next day is a viable option
  • Why they keep lying to me
  • Why they had to ask the senders for my details on Friday (they had my address, obviously, and I gave them my phone number on Thursday evening)
  • Why they don’t actually apologise for missing 3 timeslots, only for the inconvenience caused by doing so

I’ve also asked them to issue a deadlock letter so that I can take the matter to an independent review panel as I really don’t think they’re taking my complaints seriously at all.

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